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Relay for Life theme song that sweetly carried the sentiment of the evening

  • Thank You For mp33:05

I've written songs to connect with audiences of every kind.  In addition, one of my loves is 'Custom Composing' theme songs for non-profits, or pieces that connect an audience with a special life event. Weddings, graduations, birthdays, anniversaries and even corporate or non-profit theme songs and events.  Your event, your story... your song.  

Below are examples of some of the Custom Compositions I've worked on.  Enjoy and let me know when you're putting on an event you'd like to make memorable through a custom composition that connects at a heart level with your attendees.‚Äč

  • Love Is Here mp33:57

  • I Thank God mp32:54

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  • There's A Circle mp34:32

Theme song for non-profit organization focused on music education

Brie and Jim's wedding song using so many of their sweet sentiments.

Wedding song for Chicago couple focused on their special gifts